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Hi!! Welcome to KoreKawaiiDesu!!

If you would like to order something or ask a question, please do so in this post.
I currently only ship the the USA. Shipping includes packaging, postage, and handling.

Acceptance Mark
I accept PayPal.
I accept concealed United States Dollars.
If your money gets lost in the mail, it is not my responsibility.
If your mail gets lost by the Post office, it is not my responsibility.


Payment sent!

Please let me know when you send the manga. :)
Ok! I will send it as soon as I can get to the post! Thanks!
Hi! Your Ranma manga was shipped on Thursday!! I hope it arrives well!

Thank you! =D

I´ll let you know when it arrives.

I got my manga today. Thanks! ^^

I´ve already left you feedback. Could you do the same here, please?