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Hi!! Welcome to KoreKawaiiDesu!!

If you would like to order something or ask a question, please do so in this post.
I currently only ship the the USA. Shipping includes packaging, postage, and handling.

Acceptance Mark
I accept PayPal.
I accept concealed United States Dollars.
If your money gets lost in the mail, it is not my responsibility.
If your mail gets lost by the Post office, it is not my responsibility.

hi! I'm interested in some of your items and was wondering if you'd consider a trade/partial trade for anything in my journal.
Either way, I'm interested in:

Shugo Chara Poster, Pencil. and Dog card - $3.50
Mini-Moni Yarunoda Pyon! Chikako Mori Ciao Furoku File - $3
Alice 19th Yuu Watase Manga Furoku Gift Bag - $3.50
Hi there. ^_^ I am interested in your MSD items:
blue striped scarf + skirt
strawberry top + shorts set
blue dress
denim/leopard/pink skirt

^_^ What do you think about this trade? Hope to hear back soon!!
yay! sounds good to me. want to email to swap info?