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Hi!! Welcome to KoreKawaiiDesu!!

If you would like to order something or ask a question, please do so in this post.
I currently only ship the the USA. Shipping includes packaging, postage, and handling.

Acceptance Mark
I accept PayPal.
I accept concealed United States Dollars.
If your money gets lost in the mail, it is not my responsibility.
If your mail gets lost by the Post office, it is not my responsibility.

hay! about the Gunslinger Girls set. I know basically nothing about this but from the trailer my boyfriend and I thought it looked interesting. SO! my question is, is this the whole series? Also, how much would shipping be to 95617? 8D
There is a 2nd set called "Gunslinger Girl 2". :3 This is the entire first season set. We are just selling it to replace it with the thin pack set. (Most of the anime I am selling is popular. Don and I just want thin pack sets for more room.) I have yet to see the 2nd set, but I really liked the first, though it left a cliffhanger or empty feeling at the end... but when I heard 2 was coming out I was excited. Now I just need to see it!!

Shipping is...
$4.90 parcel post
$2.40 media mail
Those both say 7 day delivery, but I've noticed media mail takes longer.
$5.00 Priority mail
2 days delivery.

When you pay (if you decide to that is...), you will be sending the money to Don's paypal instead of mine because he is taking care of the packing and shipping of the anime section. But I still be the one telling you if and when it was shipped. :P That is if you are using paypal...

*w* I hope to hear back soon!
mmmm. okay! I think I'll get it then. And media mail works just fine for me. :3 so invoice me at inuyashagirl5017@netscape.net then pleaseeee. :D
My boyfriend should be invoicing you for it soon. I told him it was $27.40 for the total with media mail. :3 Thanks.
I forgot to mention I paid. XDDD Anyway, I'm just wondering if it was mailed already or anything? I'm not in a rush so if it wasn't or it got moved in your mother's "cleaning spree" that's fineeee. I just want to know when I should be looking out for it since I'll have to make a trip to the PO box [which is kinda out of the way you see] around when it should arrive. :3
He told me he shipped it I believe. @_@ So much mess has gone on. I will ask him again, but I'm pretty sure he said he mailed it...