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Hi!! Welcome to KoreKawaiiDesu!!

If you would like to order something or ask a question, please do so in this post.
I currently only ship the the USA. Shipping includes packaging, postage, and handling.

Acceptance Mark
I accept PayPal.
I accept concealed United States Dollars.
If your money gets lost in the mail, it is not my responsibility.
If your mail gets lost by the Post office, it is not my responsibility.

Hi! I have a couple questions about the Shonen Ace 'manga phonebooks' you have. I actually have the one with Eden's Bowy on the cover and know it has a chapter of Gundam SEED Astray R in it - do the other three also have Astray R chapters (I'm not sure if it ran every month consistently and exactly when it started/ended)? Hmm, well, I suppose that was only one question. If they do, I'm interested in them. ^_^

(Especially if one of them has the scene that's in my icon!)

Nevermind, I suck and didn't realize I could totally blow up the covers to a size where I could read the contents AND dates. I'm interested in these, please. ^_^

Edited at 2009-08-05 01:21 am (UTC)
The total is $20.00 in the USA. :3 Is this fine?
I'm actually only after the three I don't have (so not the Eden's Bowy one - I have it), and they say $5/shipped/each, so that'd be $15, right?
Yep. ^_^ I'll look and see where they are packed away tomorrow. I have so many manga mags I need a little time to find them. Did you want to pay now or when I find them? I'm sure I have them though.
I'll wait til you have them in hand, if you don't mind.
I found them. I was just about to message you back but you got to me first. The total is $15.00. Please send the money to chibichiiruchan@yahoo.com

I will send them out as soon as I can!! ^_^ Thanks!
Sent, thank you so much!
I got the payment! Thanks! I will send them out as soon as possible!